Just the other day, I had a Verizon FiOS representative at my apartment needing to change out some of my equipment. I can’t imagine looking out the window and seeing that Verizon rep “pooping” in my yard. Well, that is apparently happening with a Comcast rep in Braintree, MA.

After a resident looked out her window and saw a Comcast representative going to the bathroom in her backyard, she called the police who eventually charged the Comcast rep with disturbing the peace.

Not surprisingly, the town councilors were a bit shocked to see the way that Comcast goes about hiring it’s representatives. They go to local homeless shelters and pay people $60 a day to drop off advertisements. Also, several other homeless people who were handing out flyers had outstanding warrants.

Source: Gawker

“I’m very troubled by what happened,” said Councilor Sean Powers. “As disgusting as the act was, it could have been a lot worse, and I don’t even want to speculate on what could have happened.”

The councilor is now going to push for an ordinance that requires companies to seek a permit and conduct background for all employees before distributing fliers in town. He said he also wants to impose penalties against companies that allow its employees to break the law while canvassing Braintree’s neighborhoods.

With profits a little below $65 billion in 2013, it seems quite obvious but not that surprising that Comcast should have trained and background-checked employees handing out their material to people’s houses.

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Then again, we are talking about Comcast. The company who had an employee going house-to-house in Florida all the while ripping the internet/tv cords out of houses who did not have Comcast (so that he could get them to sign up). What was Comcast response?

“Comcast insists Cao was “innocently” performing a test on Danley’s cable box.”