A couple in Augusta, GA, were recently shocked when they saw that their bank account had dropped from $502.82 to $2.82 because Dish Network thought it was appropriate to take out $500 for no reason whatsoever.

When the wife went to call Dish and pay their bill over the phone as usual, she found out that Dish had taken out an additional $500 and told her that she needed to call the bank. The bank told her that the transaction was valid and that any dispute must go to Dish Network.

A local news station picked up this story and was unable as well to get any sort of answer from Dish. Thankfully, after the news story went public, someone from Dish eventually got in contact with the couple to resolve this issue yet they still have not been told WHY Dish took out the $500 from their account.

Billing errors seem absurdly common amongst the telecom industry. Anyone remember the phantom Verizon billing data fee? Or when Verizon ‘accidently’ put large charge fees of $7 on numerous customers bills? Or US Cellular needing to give subscribers $50 million back due to billing errors? Or AT&T’s lawsuit claiming they over-billed and fabricated data usage?