If you haven’t been paying attention to the CSN Houston drama from the last year or so, catch up by checking out the Houston Chronicle blog detailing the latest news. To quickly summarize, the Astros are broadcast by CSN Houston, a regional sports channel which has been unable to get substantial TV providers to carry it locally besides co-owner Comcast. Therefore, only about 40 percent of the Houston market has access to the channel….which is a prime reason that CSN Houston is in bankruptcy.

Source: SureBud.net

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane has been trying to persuade Major League Baseball to allow his team’s games to be viewed locally without blackout through MLB Extra Innings or MLB tv. MLB officials continued their tradition of idiotic, out-dated blackout rules by denying Mr. Crane’s request.

DirecTV apparently did not get MLB’s memo as the YES Network’s broadcast of the Astros/Yankees game was shown on DIRECTV in the five-state Astros market. The game was also televised nationally on the MLB channel even though it was supposed to be blacked out in the Houston market and replaced with the Toronto-Tampa Bay game…..which makes perfect sense to nobody except MLB.

DIRECTV has come out and said that they forgot to flip the switch in Houston. So, for one day, Astros fans who subscribe to DIRECTV were able to watch their favorite team in a stadium that the city of Houston built with public money.