When CenturyLink isn’t advertising services that very few, if anyone, can actually get, they seem to be firing employees across the country. This summer across eight states, more than 100 CenturyLink technicians will lose their jobs.

This follows CenturyLink recently laying off:

– 28 jobs in Idaho,

– 114 jobs in Oregon,

– 51 jobs in Oregon from May of 2013,

– 60 workers in Pennsylvania,

– 1300 jobs from 2012.

To be fair, a lot of the layoff stories come with statements from CenturyLink about how they are shortly going to hire (insert number of jobs that is hire than those fired) people and yet we rarely if ever see any verification that these jobs were actually filled.

It makes sense that CenturyLink is cutting jobs left-and-right. During 2013, CenturyLink’s consumer business had sales of $6 billion last year, with a 63 percent profit margin.