Recently, the Detroit Free Press had a guest writer who pegged an article entitled “The belief that our patent system is broken is patently false.”

In the article, you got the feeling as if you were reading from a PR statement. I mean, look at the list of issue that we face if minor patent reform is passed!

  • The economy would be devastated
  • The US won’t be a high-tech leader
  • Jobs lost
  • It has been this way since 1852
  • Everyone with billions in revenue-per-year does it

I decided to see who exactly was writing this article.

“David Kappos, the former director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, is a partner with Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP and is a senior adviser for the Partnership for American Innovation”

So, we have a former director of the Patent/Trademark Office who now works at a firm and is a senior advisor of a group.

Oh, I see… is actually a lobbying group. Who exactly funds that group?

“That hasn’t stopped some of the business world’s biggest companies, such as Apple, Ford, GE, IBM, and Microsoft form launching a new pro-patent lobbying group, Partnership for American Innovation (PAI).”


If you look through the site, you’ll find little in the way of recommendations and not even really that much in the way of rhetoric. In fact, the PR firm representing the non-profit (best known as the PR firm for Microsoft…shocking) can’t even really tell people exactly what the lobbying group stands for outside of being funded by the big boys. There is not a ‘call to action’, no invitation to become a member or get involved.

Interesting….you would have thought that lobbying groups that are funded by one side would actually release that information rather than hide it.