Screen_Shot_2014-04-02_at_4.20.14_PM_rflyagWhen CenturyLink is not pretending to be preparing for a nationwide release of their 1 Gbps service, they are apparently raising rates.

TheNewsTribune is reporting that after the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission reached a settlement allowing Comcast to jack up their rates for residences and businesses.

Among the increases:

  • Telephonic anonymity now costs $60 a year, and it’s going to cost you nearly $3 to make a call to that number you forgot.
  • Monthly rates for non-listed, non-published and all other chargeable directory listings will increase to $5.
  • All Directory Assistance calls completed by your local telephone company will be charged at $2.99, with no call allowances.

CenturyLink spokeswoman Jan Kampbell said:

“The WUTC decision was based on the extraordinary level of competition that CenturyLink faces in today’s telecommunications market and the fact that the commission does not regulate most of CenturyLink’s competitors such as wireless and cable companies. CenturyLink did recently increase some of its rates, including its exchange access rates and some of its feature rates, including non-published telephone numbers. Customers were provided notice of the rate changes at least 30 days in advance  For many of the affected services, the rate increases are the first in many years. As with other industries, CenturyLink must reflect rising costs in the rates it charges its consumers.”

CenturyLink stating that they are raising rates due to competition is beyond hilarious. It is as if they don’t understand that their company is pretty much universally despised by its own customers. Why would CenturyLink be hated?

Maybe because Seattle’s own mayor has called out CenturyLink for poor service yet high prices? Or CenturyLink massively expanding their 1 Gbps service to….several apartments? Or heck, even though CenturyLink is rarely found anywhere outside of the bottom of customer rankings….you should trust them that you don’t need better service at a much cheaper price?