Fairpoint has had a rough last few years. They wasted near $3B on Verizon landlines, they have declared for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and have threatened to freeze pensions for workers making near minimum wage while their CEO continues getting raises.

Now, they are adding another notch in their belt by proclaiming that they are joining Google Fiber and others with fantastic 1 Gbps.

In a news release Thursday, Charlotte-based FairPoint said its business, government and education customers across 32 markets in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have access to Ethernet connections capable of delivering gigabit speeds. – BizJournal

Except, the amount of people that can access this 1 Gbps service is ridiculously low. They say 32 markets as if those markets are completely serviced with the fast speeds. Nope. Only 35,000 total buildings can access this service. Yes, that means barely above 1,000 people in every city. Do I need to even get into the tiny, tiny, tiny percentage that it is for Fairpoint?

You can also bet that these types of press releases from Frontier will continue for years to come yet the amount of people who will have access to these speeds will not increase whatsoever.

FairPoint provides Internet access, phone, and to customers in 17 states.