Newsday alerts us to Suffolk County in New York who has begun to withhold $25,000 a month in bill payments to Verizon because Verizon has repeatedly refused to turn over nearly $307,000 in surcharges that have help fund the emergency 911 system.

Suffolk County makes monthly payments to Verizon of around $500,000 for telephone landlines or $6.6 million a year. All phone customers are required to pay a state-imposed 35-cent-per-month surcharge for the 911 system.

The county only began to withhold the money once an audit was conducted and found that Verizon was not turning over the surcharges from 2005 to 2013.

“Verizon has no right to withhold these monies collected from Suffolk customers to fund our critical E-911 operations,” Sawicki said. “Plain and simple, it’s not their money.” –

When the audit was released in January of this year, Verizon did pay the county $106,000 for the past three years.

Why didn’t they pay beyond three years? Well, Verizon claims that there is a three-year statue of limitations on the county’s ability to collect, something the county doesn’t agree with.

Verizon obviously has nothing to hide seeing as how they are now refusing to turn over critical documents which they deem to be “overly burdensome” on them.

Poor Verizon. No word yet on whether customers can refuse to hand over their money to Verizon if it is “overly burdensome” for them.