Years ago, Verizon stopped expanding FiOS. The small exception would be several major cities that have signed contracts with Verizon that force them to continue installing FiOS in select high-income parts of those cities.

According to Verizon’s first quarter earnings, some are wondering if Verizon is dealing with a growth issue with FiOS as they have pretty well saturated the select cities with FiOS. Last quarter, Verizon added 57,000 FiOS Video customers and just 98,000 FiOS Internet customers, down from the 126,000 new subscribers added in the fourth quarter of last year, and the 188,000 users added one year earlier.

Now, we have consumers in South Jersey who are getting a weekly flier from Verizon with such buzz words as “amazing,” “guarantee” and “no tricks.”

markedupbillnyTaxesExcept one issue…..they are unable to get that FiOS service whatsoever. The houses receiving the fliers are outside of the area in which Verizon FiOS is wired and therefore the offer is invalid.

In fact, the flyer outright lies by stating that one county is one of the most hooked-up municipality even though HALF can’t even get FiOS in that so-called “hooked-up municipality.”

So, why are they sending these flyers weekly to such people? Well, one consumer on has a theory:

To me, the fliers seem like “bait and switch” advertising that leads individuals into contacting Verizon, which tries to sell them lesser classes of available service — not FiOS.

I am not sure why anyone in New Jersey would believe a word that comes out of Verizon’s mouth. Remember, Verizon is the company who stole received $13 billion dollars from the state to wire everyone with 45 Mbps fixed-line broadband by 2010. It’s 2014 and Verizon still hasn’t wired anywhere close to the entire state yet somehow bribed got the New Jersey State Board of Public Utilities to allow wireless-based LTE technology as a suitable replacement as fiber to the home service.

So, people in New Jersey can expect a life of expensive plans, low data caps and average-at-best service. Better yet, the supporters of Verizon who wanted New Jersey to let Verizon off the hook ended up being fake…..but that is for another story (or go read Stop The Cap for the story)

So, is Verizon trying to trick consumers into buying crappy service? Of course not. Since when has Verizon ever lied or did anything bad towards New Jersey residents?