FrontierCommunications sucks

Frontier’s history in West Virginia has been a textbook example of utter and complete incompetence.

So, you must excuse my surprise when I saw Frontier recently patting itself on their own back for their contributions to West Virginia:

“What Frontier’s done in the state is probably the biggest economic development story in the state’s history,” Frontier spokesman Dan Page said Friday.

“When Frontier took over Verizon operations in the Mountain State, the West Virginia Public Service Commission required Frontier to build out the existing broadband network in the state and to hit 85 percent broadband market coverage by the end of 2014. Frontier exceeded state requirements, investing nearly $300 million, and expanding Verizon’s 62 percent broadband coverage to nearly 90 percent by May.”

“In addition, Frontier has added a 2,600 mile fiber optic transport system and increased Verizon’s nine ethernet service locations — critical to providing ethernet services to hospitals, law firms, banks and schools who want to expand business and to out-of-state businesses who want to have offices in West Virginia — to 222, added O’Brien.” –

Let’s get into this commitment by Frontier towards West Virginia. In the last few years, Frontier has:

If you want to join Frontier, just quickly skim through this bill for their terms and service (per Stop The Cap):