According to the CBS station in Denver, residents of Big Elk Meadows, are complaining that even though they have not had any phone service since last September’s historic flooding, they are still being charged hefty bills.


One resident stated that her bill was now over $200 even though she said CenturyLink advised her to put her service on a vacation hold so she wouldn’t be charged. When she called CenturyLink to make her account active, CenturyLink informed her that they would not do anything until her bill was paid.

Of course, when the resident called CenturyLink, things got worse:

Overton’s husband, Greg, has repeatedly contacted customer service. “They kept saying, ‘Call this different number, or that different number. The answer is always the same: ‘Your balance will be zero and you can keep your phone number.’ “

Residents say that many are still experiencing phone problems. CenturyLink told CBS4 that it’s possible some customers didn’t receive the correct credits related to September’s floods.

Seeing as how it is now 9 months after the flood, I am curious at what point CenturyLink will make it a priority to correct these rather straight-forward billing/credit issues.

Then again, maybe CenturyLink is just busy issuing press releases for their 1 Gbps service that nobody can get?