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It has been a rough last few months for Time Warner Cable. They continue to bleed customers and are now setting a new record for how terrible their service can be. This even after Time Warner Cable was caught putting conditions into a franchise agreement about how to define a “complaint.”


Now, another city takes issue with Time Warner Cable. Moorseville, NC is cutting off Time Warner Cable’s encroachment agreements with the city until they can prove that they have the property owners’ permission to lay down lines.

In what would seem like a very obvious request, Mayor Miles Atkins asked TWC to let people know when and where they are digging if it encroaches on that person’s property.

The town became involved in the matter after a TWC subcontractor started digging on the Mayor’s own property without his permission.

Although the city has their own municipal broadband network, the areas in which TWC is apparently digging are areas that even the municipal network does not go into.


TWC gave the Moorseville Tribune their standard PR answer:

“Time Warner Cable received a letter of agreement for this work, which will bring more local businesses a competitive choice for Internet and other services. Like other providers in Mooresville, we sought and received approval from the town for this work, but we have paused construction so we can work with the town to resolve this issue.”

The mayor is now asking TWC to prove that they have an easement to work on the different areas that they are currently working on.

Then again, maybe we should just be happy that TWC is trying every trick in the book to kill off this cities municipal network as they did in Wilson, NC.