Mediacom has been on a roll the last few years.

Now, Mediacom phone customers who use directory assistance are being billed for it without actually telling those people that such service is not free.

A person wrote into the Quad City Times with such an issue:

We have Mediacom as our telephone, cable and Internet provider. I called directory assistance one time last month for information in Iowa City. When I received my bill, there was a $5 charge for one directory assistance call. Why so much for directory assistance?

Mediacom responded by stating that they charge $2.50 for directory service inquiries, plus an additional charge of $2.50 for a call completion step. Do they let customers know this during the call? Of course not. Mediacom mentioned in the article that people don’t have to use their directory assistance and could instead use “online directories.”

Translation: Stop using our service….but if you do, we will charge you an absurd amount for such a basic service.

Comcast has been doing the same thing for some time as their own customers have complained about to no avail:

The charges for directory assistance are not at all clear anywhere on the internet or any of your information guides. I have been charged $1.99 for each 411 call WITHOUT having it completed by your service. This is a terrible way to  make money! I suspect most people are totally unaware that they can never call inforamtion without a 2 dollar charge! This is not a way to retain customers.  I am going to look into another telephone service.