“AT&T beats Google to high-speed fiber in North Carolina” is the headline of a story at The Verge.

Unfortunately, all that is found is more statements from AT&T of how they will likely be bringing 1 Gbps service in the near future to the city. As I have reported before, AT&T has no plans of actually bringing 1 Gbps service to many cities, if any, in 2014.

In fact, AT&T has somewhat threatened regulators that without allowing them to merge with DirecTV, they may not be able to install 1 Gbps in a number of cities! Granted, they would never put that in writing as it would force them to actually install the service in a specified time period.

Investors have been told on a number of different occasions that AT&T was not going forward with significant investments not already on the schedule from 2013. Add in the billions that AT&T would need to acquire DirecTV, what are the chances that after spending tens of billions of dollars….that any of the capital investments are then started and finished?