Comcast customers in DeSoto County, Mississippi, spent last night railing against Comcast by describing their daily service as a number of “horror stories.”

Or as the Memphis Commercial-Appeal stated:

At a special hearing of the board this week at the County Courthouse in Hernando, Comcast customers sent clear signals of ire with claims of spotty and shoddy service, rude technicians and miscommunication with overseas call centers.


In the meeting of Comcast customers, we learned that:

  • One customer had 64 phone service interruptions in the span of 3 months and continues having interruptions “every day right up to this morning.”
  • Another customer was getting sketchy service and was told to wait nine days.
  • That customer also ordered an SEC football game on pay-per-view and never got the game yet was billed for it and finally got the game charge taken off his bill after five hours on the phone.
  • Another customer reminded everyone that a local channel had issues on Comcast’s network which “took months to solve.”
  • Another customer noted that one month, her service was down for 16 days yet she only got a credit of $15 on a $155 monthly statement.
  • Another customer had Comcast wires dangling in his/her yard for two weeks.
  • The President of the County Governing Board (who services 600+ miles of roads) receives more complaints calls about Comcast than about potholes.
  • Not a single person spoke in favor of Comcast.

The meeting was called due Comcast wanting a renewal of their franchise agreement with DeSoto County.

Although Comcast already comes off as maybe one of the most tone-deaf companies in the country, Comcast’s representative heard these complaints and then stated that he thought that Comcast was “delivering good service.”