This story is one of those “What in the hell are they thinking” stories.

Years ago, Comcast spent a little over a billion dollars to start and run CSN Houston which had Houston Rockets, Astros and Dynamo games. Except, Comcast wanted a record amount per subscriber and all other major carriers laughed at the asking price.

Almost two years later, the regional sports network is bankrupt and still has not come to a carriage agreement with any major TV provider outside of Comcast.

Now, Dish Network is telling Comcast that they will carry the channel if allowed to be distributed a la carte. Not only has Comcast said no but Comcast still wants “over $3 per subscriber.”

YES Network, by comparison, charges carriers $2.99 per subscriber to carry all Nets and Yankees games.

Let’s remember, this is the channel that is unable to pay the approximately $100 million in yearly fees it owes the Rockets and Astros. Let’s not forget to add the $850,000 for lawyer fees.