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Comcast has been on a rather embarrassing tour across the country trying to convince the public that their merger with Time Warner Cable would be good for consumers. While doing so, it seems that just about everyone is calling out Comcast for their rather absurd reasons that the merger would be good for the public.

“To call wireless broadband a current competitor to cable broadband is a bit of an insult to the average consumer’s intelligence,” said Bill Menezes, an analyst at Gartner, a technology research firm.

Now, Comcast has decided to take another stab at convincing the public of why the merger is good for us: Religion.

The Washington Blade says religious right leader Ralph Reed has been advocating on behalf of Comcast as the Philly-based cable giant attempts to merge with Time Warner Cable.

It seems Comcast has a history of getting non-tech people/groups to support their moves when those people/groups have little to nothing to add to the actual move, ie the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce favoring the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger after receiving $320,000 in “donations” from Comcast.