Verizon Horns

Verizon has been active in the past few years putting up new towers in cities which do not have the best of cell phone service. Unfortuately, Verizon also seems to rather enjoy pissing off city locals with the locations of these towers.

  • In one instance, Verizon proposed a tower that would make it the highest building in the city. Residents fought back by calling the proposal “an invasion,” “unsightly” and “obtrusive.”
  • In another instance, Verizon got annoyed that a town was fighting one of their town proposals. The attorney representing Verizon told the city that federal law allowed them to ignore local regulations and build the tower that Verizon wanted to build. One problem….he never actually cited what federal law he was talking about.
  • In another instance, Verizon thought it would be a good idea to put a tower on top of a temple.
  • In another instance, Verizon wanted a city to simply move them to the front of the permit line while others went behind them for no actual reason.
  • In another instance, Verizon sent an attorney to a city meeting where he was unable to answer a single question.

Now, Verizon is bringing Middle Paxton Township to federal court because the city would not grant them a “special exemption” to build a cell tower.

The city pointed out to Verizon that they have a city requirement that towers must be erected “only on hilltops” in specific districts. Verizon’s proposed tower did not meet that requirement. In fact, Verizon figured that building a tower on the city’s “wetlands” was a brilliant idea. Sigh.


Additionally, the city found that Verizon did not follow ANOTHER city requirement that a wireless provider try to locate current cell tower antennas to see if they can build onto that structure.

Verizon is asking the Court to throw out the cities requirements due to their “restrictive rules“….or to translate for anyone else…Verizon just wants to build wherever, however and whenever they want….rules be damned.