When Comcast isn’t lying through their teeth with the “99% of the public loves our service,” Comcast is dealing with actual customer rankings that put themĀ at the bottom of just about every customer service list.

So, it shouldn’t come as a shock to see yet another example of Comcastic service.

Take it away Fox 4:

A comcast cable that fell over Memorial Day weekend is still giving a Collier County woman problems. The cable is hanging in her yard and into the street in front of her home. Her dog injured its leg tripping over the cable and she hurt herself running into it. Jean Frances Kane has called Comcast over twenty times begging them to fix the problem. They say they will come and never do. Fox 4’s Tara Molina went to her home and called Comcast. Comcast assured Tara they would fix the problem that day, but they never showed up.

South Park Cable Company


At the moment, the customer has not gotten any resolution to her case. I am sure she must be part of that 1% that dislikes her Comcast service.