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Time Warner Cable has a long history of annoying and constant rate hikes where the price goes up but the service stays the same. Sometimes, TWC adds new “Broadcast TV” charges to bills. Most times, TWC adds a variety of modem fees.

So, it shouldn’t surprise people to see another example of Time Warner Cable trying to hide yet ANOTHER rake hike by claiming that it is offering a “special offer.”

A writer over at Quartz got to see this first hand when he recently received a letter from Time Warner:

Currently, you pay a total of $44.98 per month, which includes your promotion and any additional services and equipment you’ve ordered. As this promotion is set to end soon, your next bill would reflect the current standard rate of $63.98 per month.

As a thank you for your continued business, we’d like to extend you another special offer on you services. When your promotional rate comes to an end on July 7, 2014, you’ll keep enjoying the services you love for a total of $55.98* per month–that’s still a savings of $8.00 per month off the standard rate.

No action is required—this great new rate will begin automatically with your next bill.

So, the writer gets a near 25% increase in monthly price for the same service that he already dislikes? And that is a promotional deal? That is amazing!

He continues summarizing how so many feel in this country when dealing with their cable and broadband providers.

“The only company that seems to have a customer service reputation more abysmal than TWC is the company that wants to buy it. No, seriously, Time Warner Cable and Comcast are apparently the worst……But this letter is a perfect example of everything that feels inhuman about the cable industry, which increasingly seems to be on the opposite side of the consumer when it comes to policy and access. This letter reads like a piece of satire from Douglas Adams. But, sadly, it’s real.” –

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