It seems a day doesn’t go by that we don’t see another PR piece about AT&T signing an agreement to give a city 1 Gbps service. This is followed by telecom-funded organizations rushing to tell us how great our internet is compared to other country’s. What’s left out of course is that those 1 Gbps speeds are not even remotely close to being ready for public use. Not even close. AT&T hasn’t even financially prepared for their massive build-out as they have told investors a number of times.

So, I ran across an article about the United States Telecom Association whose members include a number of communications carriers. Several parts of the article stuck out to me:

One key area of growth being facilitated by telecommunications providers is gigabit fiber Internet expansion, which promises broadband speeds approximately 100 times faster than the average Internet connection. In Las Vegas, CenturyLink rolled out its one-gigabit-per-second fiber Internet last fall and continues to invest in growing this network. – USTelecom.org

Except, CenturyLink continues to offer few, if any, in Las Vegas with this 1 Gbps service outside a few select areas. In fact, we are still left with more questions than answers as CenturyLink refuses to get into specifics about this rollout. Therefore, as Karl Bode has deemed it, this is what is known as a “fiber to the press release,” where a company makes multiple PR statements about their deployment yet are not actually deploying the service to the actual city/area.


To be fair, CenturyLink has plans to offer “up to” 1 Gbps service to….“some apartments” in Portland at some point in the future so they are expanding!

One prime example of the success of these coordinated efforts is the recent agreement made by AT&T to provide U-verse® with GigaPower℠ over a fiber network to households in Cary, North Carolina. – USTelecom.org

Setting aside the fact that Time Warner Cable spent years trying to kill this fiber network, AT&T loves to discuss this deployment yet do we have any time table about when consumers in North Carolina will see the actual 1 Gbps service? AT&T continues telling investors that they are CUTTING fixed line broadband yet they keep issuing PR pieces about their expansion of 1 Gbps service even though nobody in the country can actually use this service.


AT&T is not alone. Cox is getting into the BS game and issuing PR pieces often stating how they are bringing 1 Gbps service to a number of cities! Of course, little details exist about when, how much or where this magical service will start.