CenturyLink has really been on a anti-consumer roll in the last few months.

After spending millions to kill off a competitor, finishing as one of the worst ISP’s in terms of delivering advertised speeds, promising to give customers 1 Gbps service without actually stating who will get it or when they will get it and raised phone fees due to phantom competition.

Now, CenturyLink figures it is a good time to jack up rates even more.

She’s talking about CenturyLink and its fee for unlisted phone numbers. This spring the company announced the cost was going up from $0.75 per month to $5.

CenturyLink seems to think that by releasing the same PR statement, that customers will simply accept the new charges.

“For many of the affected services, the rate increases are the first in many years.  As with other industries, CenturyLink must reflect rising costs in the rates it charges its consumers.”

Funny. Didn’t we see that exact same excuse when they jacked up phone fees? Charged consumers in Colorado for a “Non Telecom Surcharge“?