West Virginia’s fiber expansion is now in even worse trouble than we originally thought.

Previously, it has been reported that Frontier executives have stormed out of meetings, over-inflated fiber deployment costs, used funds to help their own network rather than a state-benefitted network and (along with Verizon & Cisco) has convinced the state of West Virginia to buy “ridiculously overpriced, overpowered and unused routers, and hire several ridiculously overpaid consultants who haven’t actually accomplished anything.”

Now, the state has run out of money trying to connect two counties with a fiber cable. According to Eric Eyre of the Charleston Gazette, the state is trying to connect the two counties because the fiber cable that Frontier has connected between the two is not open access and therefore can’t actually be used by competing providers. Nevermind that taxpayers funded that Frontier expansion.

Unfortuately for the state, it was discovered that they only had half the amount in their account has previously thought and the remaining funds would likely be drained by consulting fees and legal expenses.

So, more dysfunction with Frontier and West Virginia as the taxpayers in those two counties are left with DSL-speeds? Can they get their money back?

Also, kudos to council member Elaine Harris for wanting another council member to recuse themselves for bias yet she is a lobbyist for a company representing hundreds of Frontier employees. I am not sure I could find more hypocrisy in an argument.