So, apparently everyone from residents to councilors hate Mediacom in Chatfield City. Sadly, it is their only actual TV/Internet option. But recent channel changes by Mediacom have seen the city’s anger boil over towards elected officials.

At a recent council meeting, councilors described that their staff had been “bombarded with e-mails and phone calls from angry residents that were dissatisfied.”

It has gotten so bad that Mediacom sent to the meeting, Lee Grassley, Senior Manager, Government Relations for Mediacom. Grassley gave no actual answers other than blaming programming costs, stating that “legal technicalities were involved” and that the “changes have been in the plans for a couple of years.”

Some highlights of the meeting include:

  • The Mayor Russ Smith admitted that he had no idea if a competitor would come to challenge Mediacom.
  • A Councilor said that while he subscribes to Mediacom, he felt his quality of television was poorer today than it was 5 to 7 years ago.
  • Another Councilor wondered why Mediacom comes to zero of the construction meetings and that Mediacom “has not been a good company.”

Grassley then decided to give answers that pretty much summarize what Mediacom is thinking when they get these types of complaints.

  • “Under today’s condition, we did what the law requires.”
  • “We all have to follow the same rules and conform to federal law.”

So, Mediacom is basically threatening anyone looking to enter the market and that the city can’t do shit about Mediacom’s terrible service since they have no other option.