Recently, I have read a number of articles from the Chicago Tribune where locals have issues with their internet/TV service and once the writer from the Tribune contacts the ISP, the issue suddenly resolves itself. Although some may enjoy this type of article, I find it rather disturbing and pathetic that it is 2014 and still people have such basic issues with telecom companies that can in fact ruin their lives with credit score penalties, etc.

The fact that so many people are needing to reach out publicly to a newspaper to get BASIC CUSTOMER SERVICE is just head-shaking to me.

Today’s entry comes from WOW cable.

McIntyre said she and her husband had WOW cable for years, but in November 2012 switched to Comcast. After canceling WOW service, the couple gathered the equipment and took it to the nearest WOW office. A WOW representative issued a receipt Nov. 28, 2012, for two pieces of equipment, noting the McIntyres’ account number and the serial numbers on each piece of equipment. – ChicagoTribune

Seems straight-forward. The couple then paid their final bill and moved on with Comcast. Except, WOW cable kept sending them bills due to not receiving the correct equipment (according to them).

The company refused to remove the charges, saying the serial numbers on the receipt did not match the equipment WOW was seeking. When the couple declined to pay, WOW sent the bill to collections. – ChicagoTribune

After Jon Yates contacted WOW cable, they reviewed the case and refunded the customers by agreeing that they did in fact return the equipment.

Again, why is something so straight-forward, so difficult? They had a receipt, They had the date that the equipment was returned and they also had contacted WOW several times to get this fixed.

Maybe we should just start putting newspapers on staff at the local telecom companies?