I read this story today and was a bit flabbergasted and the sheer arrogance of CenturyLink admitting to passing the buck onto the consumer with little to no thought of those consumers.

To summarize, a city recently voted to rearrange how they charge telecommunication companies within their borders. This results in an increase in costs for CenturyLink. CenturyLink finds the idea of paying what others pay in the area to be illegal and have filed suit against the city.

What blows my mind is how flippant CenturyLink is with passing the costs DIRECTLY onto the consumer. Then again, considering CenturyLink has revenues of around $18 billion per year, it makes sense that a small cost increase would need to be directly poured onto customers receiving average service at a high price.

“The city’s ordinance will increase the cost of service for CenturyLink customers,” company spokeswoman Martin Flynn. The company intends to pay the tax, and will continue to pass on that cost to its Springfield customers “until there is further clarity from the courts,” Flynn said. It’s unknown at this time how much customers’ bills will increase. – RegisterGuard

Not to worry though as CenturyLink is telling customers that if they win in Court, they will “refund any excess money.”

Right, let me see that actually happen.