Congrats to those New Hampshire!

Residents who are subscribers to the Comcast cable system may have noticed a slight increase in their bills that started late last year. That increase is a function of a new cable franchise agreement reached with the media giant that members of the town’s Cable Advisory Committee had been negotiating over the past several years. – SeaCoastOnline

To be fair, local customers are in love with their Comcast service and pricing.

“Every year (Comcast) prices go up while service goes down,” Gergen told members of the committee. “With every other technology, over time prices come down.” – SeaCoastOnline

It has been a rough last few weeks for Comcast. When Comcast aren’t failing miserably to defend their own service, they are trying to convince regulators that they are really interested in giving internet to the poor (with a number of restrictions that allow Comcast to NOT offer the poor an internet plan)