Cox Communications was late to the game but they are now doing what AT&T is doing and CenturyLink is starting to do: Promise and show off 1 Gbps service that nobody can get now or even in the near future.

The Cox Gig Life interactive exhibit demonstrates the faster speeds customers will have in their homes in the next couple of years. Cox announced in May it will be bringing 1-gigabit Internet speeds to Phoenix and Tucsonfor its residential customers by the end of 2016. – BizJournals

Cox seems to be proud of itself that they were showing people what the 1 Gbps service entailed even though most would likely just take a semi-reliable service from Cox in that area.

How do I know? Because I had Cox in Phoenix until recently. I can personally attest to their crap service.

So, excuse me if I can’t wait for Cox to actually roll out this service in 2017 with people getting speeds nowhere near 1 Gbps.