CenturyLink seems to have taken a page from AT&T. In the last few days, CenturyLink has promised 16 different cities with 1 Gbps service and have made sure that every media member in the country recieved numerous news releases about each city receiving the service.

Only problem? Basically nobody will actually get it.



You see, CenturyLink loves to press release us to death with how great this will be for businesses and residences. Except, nobody knows exactly who will get the service, what time they will get the service and how much the service will cost. At the moment, all we know is that “thousands” of residential and business customers will get this service in 16 cities. That’s it? This small rollout is supposed to take 12 months as well.

In fact, I contacted CenturyLink and was told that CenturyLink would not be released how many in each city will get this service. The fact that we can’t get ANY NUMBERS as to this service tells me that “thousands” may get this in 2015-2016 at the earliest.