To start with, I find the price that Time Warner Cable paid for SportsNet LA (around $8.5 billion) to be absurd on just about every level. I don’t blame DirecTV or every other major provider for passing on the record-high asking price that TWC wants for each subscriber.

With that said, Time Warner Cable brings up a good point recently. One of the most commonly used excuses by DirecTV against TWC is that SportsNet LA should be offered a-la-carte to customers. As TWC has pointed out previously, DirecTV does no such thing with their own regional sports networks.

And now it looks like DirecTV will be owning yet another regional sports network in CSN Houston (with AT&T) and won’t even look at offering the channel a-la-carte.

If the plan is approved, the channel will be renamed Root Sports Houston and be 60 percent owned by DirecTV and 40 percent owned by AT&T. DirecTV also has regional sports networks in Denver, Pittsburgh and Seattle. DirecTV will distribute the channel to all its subscribers in the market, a spokesman for the company said.

Time Warner Cable, which has been unable to cut a deal with DirecTV to carry SportsNet LA, the new TV home of the Dodgers, finds this somewhat ironic. DirecTV has indicated it is willing to offer SportsNet LA to subscribers who want it, but not to every home in the market, saying the price is too high.

“DirecTV has been very vocal about a new paradigm for sports programming, and we’re looking forward to seeing how an a-la-carte model will work for them,” said a sarcastic Andrew Fegyveresi, senior director of sports and news for Time Warner Cable. – ValdostaDailyTimes