But on July 30, Frontier Communications Chief Executive Maggie Wildermore said her company has no plans to offer 1 gigabit service in Portland. Speaking at a local meeting of her board, Wildermore said that although Frontier’s FiOS network is capable of delivering such speed, no one needs it. – PortlandTribune

I always love when I see stories such as this where a company tries to tell customers what they do and don’t need. Nevermind that customers are begging and pleading for faster speeds…..they really don’t want it!

We saw this with Time Warner Cable in Louisville and a number of other places.

“Not everybody needs that type of capacity that a direct fiber network would provide, and that is what we are trying to balance out,” Time Warner Cable spokesman Michael Pedelty said. – DSLReports

Now, as Frontier sits around the bottom of Netflix speed rankings and customer service rankings, they seem to have a good handle on determining what their customers REALLY want.

No wonder cities are doing whatever they can to have Google Fiber come to their areas.