On Wednesday, Verizon was told that if they wanted to service the city of Glen Cove, they would have to pay the same amount that Cablevision pays the city.

Verizon then accepted the New York Public Service Commission decision which increased the amount Verizon has to pay from $57,000 to $99,000.

Cablevision officials had the bullshit meter roaring by using the “level playing field” argument.

Cablevision, which owns Newsday, issued a statement Thursday agreeing with the PSC’s decision. Cablevision officials said the ruling “has confirmed the importance of maintaining a level playing field, allowing all providers to bring the benefits of competition to consumers in a fair and equitable way.” – NewsDay

Of course, Cablevision wants nothing to do with a “level playing field.” Cablevision simply wants all competitors to not have any financial advantage on them even though Cablevision doesn’t remotely play on a “level playing field” when it helps them.

Cablevision has spent years trying to do everything they can to block any and all competition from entering their areas in New York. They have even been sued for blocking competitors from entering the market.

In fact, Cablevision seems to enjoy situations where a city is getting an amount that is far lower than the national average. Enter the Bronx where Cablevision had no interest in paying the city what Verizon paid the city for yearly use of their rights of way.

Funny how that works out