Uber has been expanding rather quickly across the country. One reason for the quick expansion┬áis due to the high┬ánumber of people wanting a taxi service that is relatively cheap and up to date with technology. They then turn to Uber who don’t rape consumers financially and offer technology for rating the drivers and following where your ride is located.

Taxi services hate this and use all sorts of idiotic and rather laughable excuses to try and ban Uber.

Now, we have a new insult being hurled at Uber by a taxi owner.

Owner of Liberty Bell Cabs in New Orleans, Tony Makhoul, called Uber a “cyber terrorist organization.” – WDSU

When asked for additional comment, Makhoul was unable to come up with any sort of actual reason that Uber was bad for the city. He stuttered and stammered through a statement about Uber charging people a lot for a short ride…..whatever that means.

Why is it that taxi companies are so insanely deaf to the HUGE support going on for Uber? Do they not see how popular the service is? How so many were tired of regular cabs and turned to Uber for help?

Rather than fix their own industry, taxi cabs simply want to try and ban all competition from entering their markets.