South Park Cable Company

As we have discussed a number of different times, incumbent broadband providers can not stand when new competition enters their area. In certain parts of the country, areas are left un-served (or left with dial-up speeds in 2014) and providers still have a problem when new competitors are entering their market.

Enter Maine who is at the “last resort” of needing municipal broadband due to the utter lack of acceptable broadband speeds.

“It’s a last resort because we don’t think that existing telecommunication companies are in the position to establish ‘last mile’ fiber,” Orono Town Planner Richert said. “We think [OTO Fiber] will provide a stimulus.” – BangdorDailyNews

In fact, local businesses in Maine are sending letters to the city begging them to start a fiber network.

Unfortuately, even though just about the entire town wants the fiber network, incumbent providers seem to be clueless as to how or why a fiber network is needed. Both FairPoint Communications and Time Warner Cable have voiced opposition to the fiber proposals.

“We firmly believe that this [OTO Fiber proposal] does not match the intent of the ConnectME Authority [grant process].” – Jeff Nevins, FairPoint public relations

Translation: Even though our current internet blows, you shouldn’t have any other choice.