If anyone wants to see the difference in how broadband providers act when faced with no competition or significant competition, just take a look at how Cox Communications.

After spending years complaining about the expense of 1 Gbps speeds, this is how they acted when they faced little to no competition:

“It would cost multiple billions” to upgrade Cox’s network to offer gigabit speeds to all its customers. – Pat Esser, CEO, Cox Communications, Pat Esser, chief executive of Cox Communications Inc., January 2013

When Cox faces significant competition, they magically are able to find the cash to fund the speeds:

In all Cox locations, the company will begin market-wide deployment of gigabit speeds by the end of 2016,” Cox spokesman Todd Smith said via email. Cox, Smith added, will offer 1-Gig for $99 per month as a stand-alone service. – MultiChannel

Must be a coincidence.