For years now, residents of Owatonna, Minnesota have been begging another company to come to their city and compete with Charter Communications. Although Charter’s city franchise agreement expired in September 2013, the city has been stuck in negotiations with Charter ever since.

Now, the city is one step closer as the Owatonna City Council has accepted the franchise agreement from Jaguar Communications for cable television service for the city. Additionally, Jaguar plans to install a fiber-optic network into every home, hopefully by the end of 2015.

The city attorney made note that Jaguar had agreed to all of the cities requirements, something Charter had refused to do for a “couple of years.”

Charter also tried several times to stop the city from accepting the franchise agreement with Jaguar. Last month, Jaguar presented its application to the City Council for a public hearing. Charter sent a letter asking the city to reject the application due to laws that would apply if Charter and the city had a current franchise agreement.

Yes, Charter wanted the city to reject the application simply because of what the law would say IF Charter had a current franchise agreement…..even though Charter has no franchise agreement with the city. Oh, and Charter admits that they want the city to deny Jaguar’s application even though nobody at Charter had actually seen or read Jaguar’s application.

Sigh. Now you all can see what it is like trying to bring broadband/TV competition to your city.