Quick refresher…..the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) is the cable industry’s chief lobbyist organization. You won’t find them pushing for anything that isn’t wanted by the telecom industry.

They come up with rather lazy, thoroughly debunked arguments against Net Neutrality, they push hard for consumers to pay additional fees if using legally purchased media on another device (even if using the same program, ie Google Play, iTunes, etc…), and sadly they completely and utterly fabricate stats when trying to push the false theory that broadband investment continues to rise.

So, it is obvious why the NCTA doesn’t want people to know when they are behind a campaign since it really is the telecom industry pushing the campaign. Except, the NCTA forgot to tell people that they were in fact behind an anti-net neutrality campaign and then played stupid when it was exposed.

ProPublica reported Thursday that it believed it had discovered that NCTA was the group behind a futuristic-looking Onward Internet Web site ( and Twitter handle (#Onward Internet) and 1-800 number soliciting input on keeping the Internet a “wild, free thing.” – MultiChannel


The NCTA laughably tried to claim that they didn’t tell anyone about their involvement because the anti-net neutrality campaign “was not targeted to the network neutrality debate specifically, but instead to a broader vision of the future of the Internet.”


In fact, much like the NCTA was exposed for their fake stats pushing broadband investment, the NCTA tried to lie to those asking questions before finally coming out with the truth.

NCTA officials did not respond to questions about Onward Internet and would not confirm they’re behind it. “What led you to the conclusion that this is an NCTA effort…?” asked Brian Dietz, a vice president for the organization, before he stopped responding to emails. – ProPublica