Always love when providers fail to pay the proper amount of city/state/federal taxes. I love it because the providers always seem to be paying less than what they should but accidently fail to see their under-payment until attention is given to the issue.

Enter CenturyLink who will pay the city of Maryville $170,600 for not paying the correct amount of city taxes. CenturyLink is expected to pay the city by the end of 2014.

“This is a class-action started by a city over on the east side of the state near St. Louis. They had the feeling they were getting shorted by CenturyLink on their taxes that CenturyLink was supposed to pay. They sued and they brought a class-action, meaning they sued for every city in the state of Missouri.” – City Attorney Doug Thomson

CenturyLink has a history of tax evasion issues with a number of cities and states.

  • The City of Columbia, Missouri went to court with CenturyLink over license taxes. – ColumbiaTribune
  • The City of Portland, Oregon almost went to court with CenturyLink over phone taxes. – OregonLive
  • CenturyLink brought a city in Florida to court (and won to be fair) over property taxes. – LowerTaxes