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RCN is not exactly known for having the best service. In fact, it struggles mightily.

Anyway, yesterday AT&T announced that in the future Chicago would be one of the cities to receive their new “1 Gbps” service. Of course, that won’t come for years and years but AT&T prefers making it seem as if it will happen tomorrow.

Today, RCN has magically found the ability to bump up its fastest data tier in Chicago to 110 Mbps on the downstream and 15 Mbps on the upstream. Prior to Chicago, RCN had rolled out its 110/15 Mbps Internet speeds in Boston, New York City, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

“At RCN, we continue to redefine what service means to our everyday consumer.” – Tom McKay, RCN senior vice president and general manager for Chicago.

Basically, they sat on their butts while RCN and Comcast ran Chicago for years. Then when competition comes in, they suddenly find the ability to bump speeds.