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For years now, Time Warner Cable has continued to issue bills to new and current customers that are as confusing as possible. This is done so that customers won’t understand their bill and see how much they are paying in confusing and pointless below-the-line fees.

Below-the-line fees allow TWC to advertise a package at a certain price yet jack up other fees that won’t be found on the advertised price or on the main part of the bill. For example, Time Warner Cable has charged customers a “Broadband TV Fee” for years now. To be fair to TWC, every cable company does this.

Let’s also not forget about the “regulatory recovery” fee that TWC imposes on customers because of some ambiguous, unspecific government regulation.


So, I am a bit shocked to see that Time Warner Cable is apparently launching a new platform for new subscriber’s bills in several markets. Time Warner Cable is sending invitations to new customers’ email addresses with videos that explain the charges, discounts, and other information included on their monthly statement.

The new platform supposedly allows for customers to see and receive a concise explanations of their bill including the “customer’s name, service descriptions, discrete product and service costs, prorated amounts, discounts, billing period, payment amount, due date, and more.”

The next few markets to get this new platform including the Carolina states and others in the Northeast.