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Even though it is 2014, it always amazes me to see stories like this.

TheDenverChannel is reporting that the city of Silverton, Colorado, will finally be wired for high-speed, fiber-optic broadband Internet.

It got so bad in the city that residents could not watch videos on Netflix, YouTube, etc…without extreme buffering problems. Credit card transactions also were clogging the business operations who then could not talk with customers and suppliers.

“It felt like we were living in the 20th century — and that’s no way to live in today’s world. We might as well go back to using the telegraph.” – Karla Safranski, a Silverton local for 38 years.

In 2000, Qwest was given $37 million of taxpayer money to wire every county in the state with fiber-optic Internet. It never occurred though Qwest got all of their money.


In fact, when the city got fed up with Qwest’s inability to act, they put up a microwave relay system just to give residents basic technology features. Qwest then claimed that what the city did was SUFFICIENT to satisfy their broadband needs.


“Qwest was paid to build an information superhighway to Silverton and they barely widened the existing mule trail.” – County administrator Willie Tookey said in a 2010 statement announcing the county and town’s formal complaint against Qwest