AT&T has a habit of making promises so that a merger that they are involved with gets approved by regulators. Now, AT&T is pushing the FCC to approve their merger with DirecTV.

What are they promising?

  • The merged company will bridge the digital divide.
  • The merged company will deploy fixed wireless loop broadband to 13 million homes.
  • The merged company will be capable of offering speeds of 15 to 20 Megabits per second.
  • The merged company will continue pushing forward their plans of GigaPower (1 Gbps) service.

Except, we have heard these promises from AT&T in the past.

In 2004, AT&T made promises to provide 100 Mbps broadband to every home in their 22-state footprint in exchange for keeping out Verizon FiOS and UVerse competition (thanks to DSLReports for this report).

In 2007, AT&T again promised again to provide 100 Mbps speeds if they were allowed to buy BellSouth.

Recently, AT&T is making these same promises if they can buy DirecTV.

Why should anyone believe AT&T? Why is it that we can’t hold AT&T’s feet to the fire when they make promises?