Much like all other broadband providers, Bright House Networks is a company that keeps raising modem fees, suffers from massive outages and loves to announce 1 Gbps service that few can get.

Now, Bright House is dealing with antitrust issues. Several days ago, Bright House agreed to settle a class action lawsuit which alleged that Bright House violated antitrust laws by requiring premium cable subscribers to lease a set-top box.

Consumers who subscribed to Bright House Networks for digital cable at any time between February 2005 and August 19, 2014 are likely eligible to receive a $30 account credit (for current Bright House subscribers) or a $20 cash payment (for non-subscribers).

Bright House does mandate that those wanting the credit or payment to fill out an election form found on their web-site.

In typical fashion, Bright House continues to deny that the allegations occurred even though their actions in past years show the allegations are dead on.