Maine has been (and continues to be) universally known as the worst state to be in if you want fast broadband speeds. We have discussed their poor state of affairs a number of times.

Now, another city in Maine is fed up with the local incumbent broadband provider and is going ahead with a fiber optics project that would establish infrastructure for high-speed Internet access. At the moment, the town does not own any amount of dark-fiber.

The town wants to start this project because a corporation wants to establish multiple satellite offices in the city. But in order to do this, the corporation needs the city to offer their offices access to dark-fiber so that they can connect to the main corporate headquarters in another city.

In fact, the corporation is willing to even pay for half of the project. The city is also looking at extending the fiber reach so that other businesses could have access to the faster speeds.

So, anyone wants to take a guess at who has an issue with this?

Currently there is an existing stretch of “lit” fiber along Godfrey Dr. that is owned by Fairpoint Communications. Fairpoint, as a retail provider, leases use of its fiber and was concerned that this new development through Maine Fiber would create conflicting competition. – Maine Campus

Of course Fairpoint has an issue with this. It would show the massive divide between the garbage service currently being offered by Fairpoint and the offerings of a small town municipal broadband service. After years of having a strangle on the area with atrocious customer service rankings, Fairpoint wants to continue sitting on their hands with minimal upgrades.

Although Fairpoint has since come out and said that they have no issue with this specific project, we will see if that continues being their motto going forward.