FrontierCommunications sucks

When Frontier Communications isn’t being sued for atrocious broadband service, they are busy coming out with new and terrible ideas.

Recently, Frontier decided to take on AT&T and a municipal broadband network with their own 1 Gbps service. One problem….unlike AT&T and the municipal system, Frontier is making those who want the fast service to pay $220 per month.

So, how did things go on opening day of the 1 Gbps service?

As of Thursday no customers signed up for the top speed, Bloss said. Two customers – one residential, one business – opted for the 1/2 gigabit options, he said. – News Observer

Yikes. Much like other areas of the country, expect Frontier to keep the service at a laughably high price until either AT&T or the municipal system are up and running and offering 1 Gbps service for 1/3rd the Frontier price.