I am a bit shocked at the stupidity of this move by CableVision, a cable provider in the Bermuda’s. Hurricane Gonzalo and Tropical Storm Fay hit the area…..CableVision service goes out for most customers (so, Cablevision isn’t at fault for the storm damage).

Seems obvious that the amount of time in which CableVision service is out would be refunded to customers, right?

CableVision will assess whether subscribers receive refunds for time spent without service once the firm resumes normal operations.Terry Roberson, CEO, Bermuda CableVision added: “Bermuda CableVision is still in the process of restoring service across the island following Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo. A decision on credits and refunds to subscribers will be made once we resume normal operations. – RoyalGazette

Again, why is this something they are trying to decide on? Can customers decide how much of the bill they want to pay every month?