We have already discussed how cities are finally forcing Time Warner Cable to make changes if the provider wants to have a franchise agreement with the city.

Now, we have yet another city being forceful with TWC.

Enter Watertown.

City Councilman and Deputy Mayor Michael D. Morley said he was uncomfortable offering the company another 15-year franchise pact, when in his view the quality of service in the municipality has been in decline in recent years. He said he was not surprised that the company’s customer base is continuing to erode.

“The service is terrible. The picture is always breaking up. I just can’t get over the fact we have down-time,” Mr. Morley said. “There are certain channels that aren’t coming in. I’m not satisfied with Time Warner, or Comcast, or whatever they are going by right now. I don’t want to give them 15 years.” – Watertown Daily Times

Like other cities, the Councilman also noted how little TWC was doing towards improving their service over the last few years.