Over the last few years, a number of companies have tried to break into the pay TV world and for the most part, they have all failed for the same reason. They are forced to deal with ridiculously complicated and over-valued licenses.

Months ago, Intel tried their own video service and eventually scrapped it due to the costs of licenses.

Sony is the latest company looking to launch their own video service. Now, we find out that it likely will be dead-on-arrival. Why? Costs

According to The New York Post , Sony’s service will cost $60-$80 per month, making it just as expensive as the costly cable bundles it seeks to replace. If so, it is quite unlikely Sony will be able to shake up the cable industry the way many had hoped. – NASDAQ

We still are not sure what content Sony is offering but it likely will have limited content at first. Combine that with the high initial price and you are left with a product that won’t catch on.