The entertainment industry seems intent on making sure that piracy thrives across the globe.

This industry insists on absurd window dates that push back when the public can access films out of theaters, threaten ISP’s for not cleaning up piracy that they themselves cause and continue to claim that the failure of the six-strikes policy was somehow a success.

Now, we are left with another move that shows just how out-of-touch these people are with public sentiment towards music listening online.

Initial rumors suggested Apple was hoping to undercut competing services like Spotify on price, offering its upcoming music service for $7.99, but according to Billboard, music labels are said to be highly resistant to pricing under the industry standard of $9.99. – MacRumors

The music industry has been trying to destroy any cheap and affordable online music options for years now. They tried killing off Pandora in the past and likely will try that strategy with a number of online streaming options in the future by demanding higher fees for music licenses.

Higher fees that will be enjoyed by the music labels and no one else. Remember, most of the profits from online music sales go to the music label and not the artist.