Piracy is killing the entertainment industry in this country. The US movie industry’s overall revenues are up substantially from 2013 to $35.9 billion. The music industry continues seeing revenue above $7 billion a year.

Yet, even after these industries continue making billions off consumers while also trying to stop any new, innovative methods of distribution, they continue trying to find ways to ramp up piracy methods. We have seen entertainment industry lawyers threaten to sue everyone, threaten Google to block all piracy links and other idiotic and non-productive measures.

Now? They have come up with a new way to stop piracy.

Yesterday the TFPC held their general meeting and of course piracy was high on the agenda. Several solutions were reportedly discussed but one came to the forefront – a complete boycott on releasing films for the foreseeable future.

“Some groups wanted a six-month ban, while others wanted a three-month ban,” said council president Kalaipuli S Thanu. – TorrentFreak

Yes, that will certainly stop piracy…..until the movie comes out and nothing changes. Instead of continuing to try and punish consumers for WANTING to see your movie, how about you come up with new and cheaper ways of allowing these consumers to see the movie? Or is that too much to ask for?